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5 Tips for Selling your Phoenix Home During the Holidays – Arizona

Benefits of Selling Your Phoenix Home During The Holidays: Why It Works

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The holiday season is finally upon us! If you’re looking at selling your Phoenix home during this time, there are several benefits. The first benefit is that typically the people coming to preview your home are serious buyers. You won’t have as many extras, or people just looking without being committed to making the move. On top of your normal staging and preparation, there are a few things you can do to help give your home a boost during the holidays to help during the process. Here are 5 tips for selling your Phoenix home during the holidays.

Take pictures before you decorate with holiday décor

Nothing can set your listing apart quite like a good set of photos, especially if they are timely and fit for the season your audience is shopping in. We suggest donning your home with some festive decor fit for the holidays, no matter what occasions you celebrate! Whether you set up a decorated Christmas tree or let them get a peek at what their Thanksgiving dinner spread could look like, it can help give your clients an accurate taste of their potential new place.

Place ads to maximize your online exposure

For many social media platforms, it is a pay to play game. To ensure you are seen by both your audience and potential buyers, and not lost in the feed, placing ads is a must. And because the holidays are busy and planners fill quickly, make sure you have ads begin running ahead of time, and keep them up with enough time for your audience to add you to their upcoming calendar.

If you have to list your home during the Holidays, maximize the market before mid-December

Like we mentioned before, the holiday season can become busy fairly fast and people already have plans in place for the months ahead. That’s why we advocate for listing your property at least two weeks before Thanksgiving to ensure you get the most out of the market before the second half of December arrives. This allows you to get ahead of the holiday fluff and get seen by those you’re seeking!

Have a strategy in place to limit showings on actual holidays

While as many viewings as possible is definitely the goal, the saying “quality over quantity” rings true here – especially for viewings on the day of the holidays themselves. Because both you and your client likely have other engagements, it’s important to make sure you limit listings to a feasible number and have a plan in place to keep showings short and sweet without sacrificing any details.

Be ‘Show Ready’ even if it is the day after Christmas

The time in between Christmas and New Year can be a particularly busy time. In our industry, it’s no secret that it can be down to the last second that a new appointment arises. So, being prepared for whatever comes your way is your best course of action. This could be as simple as making sure you have your showing outfit ready and your talking points prepped ahead of time. This will ensure your showing goes smoothly and quickly.
Flexibility is important during this time.

While changes in plans aren’t always easy to maneuver around, flexibility is key – especially during the holiday season. These adjustments are likely to happen a lot more frequently because people will be looking at this time. Be prepared for last minute viewing requests, appointment time changes and cancellations. However, like we talked about earlier, these buyers are likely to be much more serious about making a purchase. So, the more flexible you are, the better things may go! Before you know it, the new year will be here and you’ll have these clients living in and loving their new abode.

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