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9 ways to prep your home for sale

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Before a home seller puts their property on the market, they need it to make it look its best. Here are 9 easy ways to get a home in tip-top shape:

  1. Declutter the home

    Decluttering is the first step to prepping a house for sale. Unnecessary and unneeded items around the house are removed, making it look cleaner, more spacious, and easier for buyers to picture themselves living in it. Decluttering also involves depersonalizing the home. That means storing all family photos, posters, and collections.

  2. Make the necessary repairs

    Even the smallest repairs can make a huge difference when it comes to selling a home. The effort to fix a dripping faucet, a broken window, or doors that do not close properly shows buyers that the house is well maintained and in good condition.

  3. Add more light

    To make a house look more spacious and welcoming, increase the home’s natural light. Open the windows, draw back the curtains, and put up more mirrors. Mirrors are useful fixtures that allow light to bounce around the room. Artificial light sources such as dimmers and LED lights can also be added for ambiance.

  4. Wash the windows

    Clean windows can help sell a home. Believe it or not, many homeowners would sometimes overlook this chore and end up getting a lower offer after buyers notice the dirt and dust. However, once cleaned, the windows make the room feel larger, spacious, and more appealing to buyers.

  5. Organize the closet

    One of the most important things that buyers look for is storage space. They will usually open and inspect the closets, cabinets, and drawers during home visits. If these areas are clean and organized, buyers will be impressed by the ample space for storage.

  6. Replace fancy decorations with simpler ones

    When it comes to selling a home, simple and neutral styles are the way to go. This gives buyers a “blank canvas” to work on where they can let their imaginations run wild with their own decorative ideas. Having outlandish or over-the-top décor lying around can take away the buyer’s chance to explore their creativity; they might even think that it will come with the house purchase.

  7. Clean up the yard

    An unkempt yard turns off buyers. The moment the backyard turns into a mini-forest from the overgrowth with garden tools and piles of dead leaves lying around, it’s time to clean and spruce up the area. One can do some DIY cleaning but if Mother Nature has already taken over the yard, perhaps a professional yard clean-up service can do the job better.

  8. Remove bad odors

    Eliminate any odd smells at home by cleaning the garbage disposal, hiding the litter box, or cracking open a window. Air fresheners, candles, and odor neutralizers can also be used to get rid of any unpleasant smells.

  9. Improve curb appeal

    When buyers see a house, the first thing they will look at is its façade. This is why a home’s curb appeal must make a good impression. Simple curb appeal projects such as painting the exterior walls and surfaces and fixing up the landscaping can do the trick.

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