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How To Create the Perfect Work-From-Home Space

Now that so many of us find ourselves working from home – and some, for the very first time – we’ve been thinking a lot about our WFH (work from home) spaces. While function is absolutely number one in importance, we also believe your space should be comfortable and pleasant. With that in mind, here are a few tips we’ve outlined for creating your perfect work-from-home space.

Tip # 1
Function. Make sure you not only have a comfortable chair that offers some support for your back (which the bed will not do), but also that you are near outlets, have good lighting, and are able to have some uninterrupted time to focus. With kiddos at home this last one might be tough – believe us, we get it – but a little planning ahead should help. Move on to the next tip for strategies to handle this hurdle.

Tip # 2
Focus. Do you have kids at home? No problem! We suggest having prepared snacks and activities ready at all times. Establishing expectations at the beginning of the day is also a good idea. Make everyone else in the house aware of any conference calls or virtual meetings that are scheduled for the day so they can plan accordingly. Schedule ‘office hours’ and have pre-planned projects for the kids to work on. Post a small sign at your workspace to remind them of your office hours or quiet time, like ‘Do Not Disturb. Mom/Dad at Work’. And don’t forget to take breaks not only for yourself, but also to touch base with the kids (having everyone at home 24/7 is an adjustment for them too). Depending on their ages you could have a snack together, do some stretches, go for a walk/bike ride or turn on some music for a 10-minute dance party to get the sillies out!

Tip # 3
Form. Now it’s time for the fun stuff: because function without form is just boring! If possible, make sure your WFH area has natural light, which studies have shown increases productivity and creates an overall healthier space. Add a plant, a candle, a photo or even a favorite piece of art. An aromatherapy diffuser with an invigorating scent like lemon will keep you energized and engaged. Create a space that inspires you and watch your productivity soar!

Last Tip
Finish. Know when to say when. You should start and end the workday at certain times. Working from home can be great until it takes over that oh-so-important Home Time. A little structure can help with this, but if you tend to get involved with work projects and forget to take breaks or quit at night, just use your smart phone to set up some handy alarms.

When the day is done, make sure to unplug and enjoy being home – whether that’s family time, catching up on your favorite shows, or a virtual happy with friends. Setting WFH boundaries will make your days more productive, and your downtime more enjoyable.

We hope the above tips and strategies gave you some ideas for how to create a peaceful and productive work from home space.

We’d love to see what spaces you create. Be sure to tag us in your social stories @thekimberlylowegroup using the hashtag #workfromhomeinaz.

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