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Gone to the Dogs: Tips for Moving with Your Pets

Gone to the Dogs: Tips for Moving with Your Pets

Moving can stir up a ton of emotions for every person – excitement, anxiousness, sadness, joyfulness, and so many more. But, what about your sweet furry family members? They are feeling much of the same emotions, but they’re usually missing the excitement.

Pets can become stressed easily when there is unexpected activity in their home, or when they’re introduced to a new environment. How do you keep your dog (or cat) calm during your move?

Tip 1: Prepare Their Things
Whether it’s an across town or country move, have a separate bag for their ‘things’! This should have enough food to last the drive, or just a little extra, toys, crates and beds to keep them healthy and comfortable. It’s important to pack these things with your stuff, so it doesn’t get left behind or wrapped up in a box.

Tips 2: Talk to Your Vet
If this is a “moved too far away from our current vet” situation, make sure you talk to the vet and get all of the necessary information, files and prescription ready. Plus, they may have helpful advice if your dog does not do so great in the car.

Tip 3: A Quiet Place
During the move, give them their own, quiet space! While the movers are in and out of the house, send your dog on a doggy play date with a friend, or local doggy daycare. If you prefer to keep the dog at home, place them in a well-confined, quiet, place in the house. This will keep them safe, secure – and out of your way.

Tip 5: Seclusion, Please
As the saying goes, move the house before the pet. Once your home is completely (or most of the way) set up, bring your pup home! They should have a quiet, secluded area with their things at first. Then, slowly open more doors and give them free rein over their new kingdom. You want Buddy to feel at home, so introducing them to a new place at once can be overwhelming.

Tip 6: Don’t Open the Door
Once you reach your destination, hotel or temporary housing, do not let the dog out of the crate or car until you are settled! Trying to gather your things, kids, bags AND a pet at the same time will not end well for any of you. The dog may get spooked and runoff – in an unfamiliar area. Wait until you have everything under control before you try to control the dog.

Tip 7: Update Their Information
Lastly, once you reach your final destination, make sure you update your pets information! Call your vet and update your phone numbers and address, and ensure you do this with your microchip and licensing companies!

Thankfully, Scottsdale and Phoenix are extremely dog-friendly! From dog-friendly restaurants, to hiking trails and dog parks, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy! Contact me today, and let’s get you a home Fido will love!

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