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A comprehensive guide to home staging

Selling your home in the competitive Phoenix, Arizona real estate market? Boost your chances of attracting serious buyer interest and receiving considerable offers fast with home staging.

What is staging and why do you need it to sell your home?

Staging is about selling the lifestyle and experiences that your property can offer to its next owner. It prepares a home for a sale beyond the necessary repairs, decluttering and cleaning, and rearranging your living spaces.

Staged houses are presented in their best possible light. Not only does it make your living spaces more visually appealing, it also makes your home appear move in-ready – a quality that can influence buyers to make the definitive decision to purchase your property as soon as possible.

Should you consider DIY over hiring a professional?

Thinking about staging your home yourself? There are various things you can take on
as do-it-yourself projects during your free time. Take these for example:

  • Sprucing up your garden and other outdoor spaces
  • Fixing or updating your light fixtures
  • Undertaking small repairs and replacements like shiny new faucets, doorknobs, and drawer handles
  • Repainting your walls and staining woodwork
  • Rearranging furniture and clearing spaces around your home

That said, you can only do so much. Remember that these activities take time and energy. This makes professional staging services a worthwhile investment, especially when it can improve the value of your home.

A local professional home stager gives you useful advantages like:

  • An expert’s “eye” on home stylings that catch local buyers’ attention
  • Tried and tested experience in choosing the most effective and efficient changes to improve your home’s look
  • Access to rental furniture and decor that can be used to improve marketing photos and videos for your listing
  • Convenience – you can leave all the work to the stager while you focus on preparing for your next home buy

How to find the right staging professional

  • Ask your agent for top references and trusted vendor partners based near your area.
  • Check staging companies’ reputation and customer satisfaction ratings based on testimonials and reviews published online. Request references and contact information from their previous clients.
  • Review the stager’s experience and portfolio. Ask if their work can be seen in any open houses around your area and visit them to evaluate their output firsthand.
  • Check for proof of liability insurance. This insurance measure will protect you in the event of any unforeseen damages or injuries that may result from the staging.
  • Look for a well-connected stager or staging team who can refer you to contractors for other work required for staging or preparing your home to sell.
  • Request a detailed contract and make sure you understand and agree with all its provisions. Your contract should indicate the scope of their work and the completion date

Trust The Kimberly Lowe Group to help you find top offers for your Phoenix, AZ home

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